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About Edith Isaacs

Parents of Edith G. Isaacs.
Mamie Alice Watson and Willis Allen Isaacs.

Circa 1920
Mamie Alice Watson Isaacs, mother of Edith

Circa 1955
Cooper Isaacs, father of Edith, with Great Grandson, Kenneth Benjamin Hayes


While Cooper (Willis Allen) and Mamie (born Dora Alice) had a home in the country in Thompsonville, they built the house at 1403 E. 4th Street, West Frankfort.  They also lived in Benton for a time and very early in their marriage they lived in Goode Twp.  They were married in 1899 and had a baby boy May 23, 1903 who died shortly after birth.  Edith was born May 7, 1906 and was their only living child. 

Edith G. Isaacs circa 1920

A very young Edith

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